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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Sonburn!
The CD project is moving along great and we're a little over halfway done with the project. We're taking off a few days here for thanksgiving to be with family, then we'll get back to it around the 1st of December. Hopefully, the second half will go as well as the first half because we've had such a great time recording this CD. Jordan and Tay have recorded drums and bass for seven songs, Cody and I have recorded rhythm guitar tracks for 6 songs, and I have done vocals on 5 songs.

We've been recording the drums, bass, and guitars in the big A studio and recorded vocals in the C studio. It's been so much fun to see how the whole process works and to hear the amazing sounds we can get with the huge SL 9000 console. Hope everybody has a good holiday and I'll let you know how we're doing after the break.


Monday, November 17, 2003

Well, we love the studio life! We are way ahead of schedule and already have drums and bass tracked for three songs. We've been working for 2 days and have probably put in 25 hours already. The studio is amazing and we're working with an engineer who has worked with most of the big names in Christian music. God is so cool and everything has worked out great so far. We're taking tons of pictures and video that we'll hopefully post on here someday.

After the first day of recording drums, Jordan woke up with carpal tunnel in his wrists and had to take it a little slower at the start of today. He was fine later on in the day and was playing just as fast and hard as ever. :) It's so fun to record a CD in a real studio with great gear and great engineers. It's strange being the "artist" in the studio because we have people that work for us. People go and get us food, they run errands for us, we can do whatever we want...it's great. :)

We should have about 8 songs done before thanksgiving and then we'll work on the rest (probably about 4 more) until we leave on the 17th of December. Take a look at the link for the studio and click on the one in Nashville. I'll keep you posted on progress in the studio as much as I can.


Friday, November 14, 2003

T-MINUS 2 DAYS UNTIL RECORDING...We begin recording on Sunday, November 16th and Tay and Joe will track drums and bass until the 22nd when they leave for Thanksgiving. Cody and I will track guitars then until we leave for Thanksgiving a few days later. We will then be back in the studio every day from the 1st to the 17th of December. We are all so excited about the CD project and we can't wait to start. We hope you all love the new songs.

We just got back to chilly Nashville after being in Florida for what might be our last show. Going from 75 degrees to 45 degrees is quite a shock for us Phoenix boys. God has really blessed us on these last few days of the road trip. When we played at Texas A&M, we were just about out of food/gas money and we needed a miracle to get us through the next month. So then God provides a crowd of over 5,000 and we sold a ton of merchandise. Then, at an odd venue in Florida at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, we just about matched By the Tree in merch sales. God really blessed us in our last two shows and provided even when we had little faith. The venue in Florida was strange and neither one of the bands thought we'd sell much. The stage was next to a huge man-made lake in the middle of campus (like there's not enough lakes in Florida, they had to MAKE one) and it was about 100 feet in diameter. We were on one side and the crowd was on the other. It was not the best arrangement, but the event was still great.

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported us in prayer or financially...especially you Matt! :) We definately need your support now more than ever as we try to complete this project. If you are interested in supporting Sonburn for a day, week, month, or even just a meal, please call Pam @ 623.694.1642 or send a check payable to Sonburn to:

Suite D-107 PMB 132
6740 W. Deer Valley Road
Glendale, AZ 85310-5953

We appreciate your support!
Thanks for checking in, talk to you soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

OK, so it's been a great week on the road...We got to play in Norman, OK and I got to see some old friends (well, they weren't all old, some of them were my age) :) and we had a great time leading worship. Then, thanks to Bruce from Bethel Baptist, we got a ride in the church van down to Ft. Worth, TX. From there, we hopped in an old Suburban and a minivan with a dead battery and drove to Austin. We played there, had a couple days off and it was great. After that, we took a rental coach to Houston where By The Tree led worship and then went on to College Station to play for A & M. That was our best show and we played for over 5,000 people.

We are now back in Nashville for a day and then it's off to Florida. The schedule was altered from the original that we received before we left. We already played the Austin show and will no longer be there on the 20th of November. We may have picked up a show in December but it's not confirmed yet. We begin in the studio on the 16th and will be there, with a break for Thanksgiving, until December 17th.

Get the word out about our Phoenix homecoming show on December 19th!! We are headling a concert at Phoenix First Assembly that starts at 7pm. It will be a great time and the coolest Sonburn show ever. :) We'll be showing tour video and playing our new songs from our upcoming CD. So be there and bring everybody you know.


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Well, the road trip was moving along just fine until yesterday. We took a day off after playing at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and then left town for Hannibal, Missouri at about 8pm. On the way to Amarillo, the bus began to act strange and slow down. So we stopped in Amarillo to see what was up. After a long time deciding what to do, we chose to limp to Oklahoma City and see if we could get it fixed in the morning. Then, the repair shop said it would not be fixed until tonight and the show was scheduled for tonight in MO. So...the promoter of the show flew the By the Tree boys to the show and we are here with the bus at a Holiday Inn in Oklahoma City. Crazy.

So I called the youth pastor at the church I used to attend in Norman, which is about 20 mins from OKC, and offered for Sonburn to lead worship at their youth service tomorrow night since we're in town. So that's what we'll be doing tomorrow night. We'll be at Bethel Baptist Church College building at 7:30pm in case anyone wants to go. :) BTT should be arriving sometime tomorrow evening so we can head to the University of Texas @ Austin.

Now we're about to go see a movie and find somebody to buy us dinner. Then maybe we'll go to a midnight showing of The Matrix. Who knows. Everybody is doing well and getting along...in other words, no one has killed anyone YET.

Talk to you soon,

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