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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

hey everyone!

ok, so it's been awhile since the last post, but if you're reading this, you obviously check this thing pretty regularly so you're glad that there's a new post regardless of how long it's been since the last one. ok. we are finishing up the contract stuff with our record label...this process just takes some time, but it's almost over! also, we are planning out our fall tour dates and i promise we will have an actual real working website (that stays up so you can read it everyday that is updated and did i mention it will actually work?)  to show you those dates.

what's new? i'm glad you asked...our full length record is set to be released in early '05, probably february. we will continue selling ep's until then. you will most definately be informed of the exact date when we know it.

->the rumors are true. we are changing our band name. but i can't tell you what the new name is yet because we have to wait for it to clear legally. i can tell you that SONBURN did not clear and would have created a legal conflict had we tried to keep that name. i know it's sad. we will hopefully know in about a week if this new name will work. 
we're starting a new chapter in our lives by signing this record deal and we're excited about a fresh new start with a new name. we hope you are too.

our fall is filling up with shows, but if you are interested in having us come play a show or lead worship, please contact us at  sonburnband@hotmail.com or call (608) 469.3722 for booking info.

thank you and goodnight.

ps. go buy the new BUILDING 429 record "SPACE IN BETWEEN US". it comes out July 27th. these guys rock! also, buy the new BY THE TREE cd "HOLD YOU HIGH" it's already in stores and it's a great worship cd. oh yeah, and if you don't have our ep yet, buy it too.

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